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May 14, 2008


To ASCE Younger Members Forum:


The American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter at UC Davis actively takes a role in representing our university at major civil engineering competitions, as well as increasing people’s interest into the field of Civil Engineering. Our student directed projects aid future engineers in strengthening their talent and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s challenging engineering profession. One of the most popular competitions is the Concrete Canoe sponsored by ASCE and BASF (formerly Master Builders Inc.).


By participating in the competition, UC Davis civil engineering students obtain practical engineering experience, project management skills, teamwork, and many other skills critical for success in the professional world. During the competition, we will be judged on an oral presentation, a technical paper, field performance, and the final concrete canoe product.  The official concrete canoe team consists of ten students working with other civil engineering students, to design and build a canoe made of light weight concrete and an innovative reinforcement package.  Dedicated leaders head groups for design, concrete mixtures, reinforcement, presentation, and paddling.  The project is entirely run by students who volunteer their time and efforts from the beginning of summer through the entire year


This year, the UC Davis Concrete Canoe team placed fourth overall in the Mid-Pacific Regional Conference.  We were very pleased with this year’s canoe, touting a buoyant concrete mix as well as a total weight of only 150 pounds.  This was a significant achievement over the previous year’s boat at nearly 260 pounds.  This next year we plan to continue this tradition of improvement, and are very fortunate to have four dedicated students ready to act as next years captains, as well as several others excited to be a part of the competition next year.   


Although we did not make it to nationals, we hope to attend the National Concrete Canoe Competition at Montreal, Canada in order to further our knowledge of the competition and gain additional ideas for how to improve all areas of competition.  This visit would give us invaluable information and experience which is unattainable without participation at the national event.  Using our experience from nationals, we hope to further our pursuit in engineering a better canoe for the 2008-2009 competition.  We would like to ask for your support through any means possible as attending the conference includes registration, room and board, and airfare.  Any type of donation would be greatly appreciated and would help further our goals of making the national competition next year.  Your prompt response would be welcomed as the competition is on June 19th, and we still need to make additional purchases such as airfare, registration, and rooms.


To transport two of our next year’s team captains it will cost roughly $1400 for plane tickets to Montreal – not including registration costs of $150 and lodging of $200 bringing a required total of $1750. As we approach the end of this spending year, the project budget remains at $400 leaving us short for total funds by $1350 to attend the competition. Again, we greatly appreciate any donation provided to help us raise enough money for the trip and we admire your effort to encourage future engineers to strive for participation in extracurricular student competitions by contributing to our project.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.








Michael Conant

Team Captain

Michelle Fong

Team Captain